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Frozen II Full Movie: (stylized as Frozen II) is an upcoming American computer-animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. The 58th film produced by the studio, it is the sequel to the 2013 film Frozen, and features the return of directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, producer Peter Del Vecho, songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, Watch “Frozen II Full Movie

10 Fan Theories About Frozen ii We Hope Are True

Frozen 2 was one of 2019’s most anticipated movies to begin with, and the hype only intensifies as the November release date draws closer. Despite releasing back in 2013, Frozen’s popularity has remained strong over the years.

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It took a while for a sequel to be officially confirmed, but fans have been creating and sharing theories for years now. The enticing trailers and tidbits from interviews have only increased the theories out there, especially where Queen Iduna, King Agnarr, and the magic in this universe are concerned. Naturally, not all the theories listed here can happen, with some even canceling each other out.

Take a look at 10 Fan Theories About Frozen 2 We Hope Are True.

This has been a popular theory ever since the first Frozen movie came out. Queen Iduna and King Agnarr are confirmed to play a role in Frozen 2. They’ve already been seen via flashback in the trailers and Queen Iduna will be voiced by Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood. If done right, Elsa and Anna’s parents being alive could be satisfying and emotionally rewarding. It’s all about the execution, as shock value won’t be enough to make this plot twist work. It could also break the common trend of parents being killed at the beginning of Disney movies, instead exploring how a family rebuilds when they’ve been separated for years.

Elsa’s got the market on ice powers covered, leading some to believe she will meet her match in the form of an individual who wields fire powers. This character could be brand new and serve as a formidable villain who tests Elsa like never before. There is also the possibility that the one with fire powers won’t be a villain. In fact, some fans have theorized that Anna could have fire powers, the two siblings creating a magical balance of ice and fire.

One of the trailers for Frozen 2 begins with a flashback of Elsa and Anna’s father King Agnarr telling his children a story of a place called the Enchanted Forest. Regardless of whether or not Elsa and Anna’s parents are actually alive, it’s a possibility that King Agnarr will narrate the film. It would be fitting to begin with him telling the story of the Enchanted Forest to Anna and Elsa, and then narrate their story when they travel there searching for answers. It would add to the fairy tale storybook quality of Frozen 2 and be a nice way of showing that in a way he’s watching over his daughters in their adventures.

The swirling leaves in the Frozen 2 trailers have led many to believe that the sequel will feature a character with powers related to Fall, much like Elsa has powers related to Winter. Fans have taken this theory a step further by positing that there are four superpowered royals, with each of them wielding powers related to each of the seasons. There are four runes in one of the trailers, with each rune possibly representing each of the superpowered individuals. Some have even said that Anna will have powers related to Summer, while new characters will possess powers related to Fall and Spring.

One of the most impressive displays of Elsa wielding her power in the first film was when she created the snow monster named Marshmallow, a fierce creature who did her bidding. The marketing for Frozen 2 has shown rock creatures similar in size to Marshmallow. It’s possible that the film will feature monsters created by different elements. Elsa can still unleash her snow monster, while characters who have powers related to other natural elements will use monsters created by rocks, fire, water, and so forth. It would certainly be epic to see Marshmallow tangling with the rock monsters and other elemental creatures.

Building off the idea of there being spirits related to the main natural elements comes the theory that Bruni will end up being a fire spirit. Marketing related to Bruni so far shows the cute salamander-like creature as a companion of Elsa’s. That would make it surprising for Bruni to be the fire spirit. The basis for this theory comes from the fact that a fire spirit hasn’t been revealed yet, while spirits related to most of the other natural elements have already been revealed. It would be neat to see Bruni take on more importance than expected.

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